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We Manufacture Labelling Machines for Various Industries

Interpack Technologies LLP provides a sales service of all Automatic/Semi-Automatic/Manual Self Adhesive Labelling Machines for Pharmaceutical, Pesticides, Chemicals, Beverages, Distilleries, Foods, Cosmetics, Paints and such type of industries that require wide range of labelling like Round, Flat, Oval, Square, Triangular,Taper Bottle as per the requirement.Our self-adhesive Sticker Labelling Machine has its own unique single point like synchronized speed control system and Flexible multiple drive application provides.


Our labeler Machines are widely used in Pharma Syrup, Dry Syrup, Honey, Edible Oil, Lubricant Oil, Hair Oil, Shampoo, Phenol, Fruit Juice, Ready to Drink Juice, Cosmetics, Talcum Powder, Bleach Powder, Herbal Powder, Ayurveda Powder, Wine, Liquor, Electrical Components, Dental Products, Adhesive, Glue, Rubber Adhesive, Stationery, LIP Balm, Petroleum Jelly, Hair Developer, Hair Straightener, Hand Wash, Dish Wash, Hand Sanitizer, Cosmetic Lotion, Hair Wash, etc.

Food Labelling

Labels on food products serve a wide range of purposes. they can be used to provide information, help boost sales, indicate freshness, reseal products or aid in product tracking.

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Labelling Machine For Wine Distilleries

COMBI Labelling Machine is Fully Automatic High Speed Flat Bottle Labelling Machine Model is made for labeling on many kind of Flat bottles used by Distilleries.

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Labelling machine For Sanitizer

Sanitizer Labelling which is all about information of product, company information, production content information and consumer attraction towards product.

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Pharmaceutical Labelling

Pharmaceutical labelling its role in identifying and explaining what about a product. Label on medicine give the expiration dates, or ingredient lists.

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Labelling Machine for Personal Care

Personal Care products like skincare and sun lotions to makeup, hair care, nail products, perfumes, oral care, liquid soaps, and personal hygiene products,mascara, lipstick, nail polish.

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Labelling Machine For Beverages

Beverages are produced in large quantity for a relatively short period of time. Most beverages are either bottled or canned and these containers have a special shape.

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Labelling machine for Home Care

We are a renowned organization engaged in manufacturing & offering a comprehensive range of Home Care Product Label.

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Labelling Machine for Paints

The sticker labelling machine is a special customized for our customers which is do paint and this labelling machine also can make small bottle labelling.

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